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The Superiority of Rabbinic Laws Over Torah Laws - Part 1: Scope and Nature of Rabbinic Authority

February 25, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 7 Episode 9
Machshavah Lab
The Superiority of Rabbinic Laws Over Torah Laws - Part 1: Scope and Nature of Rabbinic Authority
Show Notes

This morning (2/25/22), in our "Machshavah Lab" series for women, we began a new topic, prompted by the following question that was sent to me: "What is the impetus for one to follow Halachos d'Rabbanan? When I am sitting alone at night in the privacy of my home, what should motivate me not to eat chicken with cheese?" In today's shiur, Part 1 of the series, we laid the groundwork by reviewing, on a factual level, the scope and nature of Rabbinic authority. We then read what will be the central source for Part 2: the Ran's bold take on a baffling midrash riffing off an unusual mishnah commenting on a mysterious pasuk from a cryptic sefer of Tanach which raises a perplexing question. Next we will learn the Ran's explanation in an effort to answer our original question.
רמב"ם - משנה תורה: ספר שופטים, הלכות ממרים א:א-ב
רמב"ם - משנה תורה: הקדמה, סיום מנין המצוות
דרשות הר"ן - הדרוש השביעי
משנה - עבודה זרה פרק ב משנה ה
תלמוד בבלי - עבודה זרה דף לה עמוד ב
תלמוד בבלי - גיטין דף ס עמוד ב
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