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Nevuchadnetzar's Statue and Haman's Decree: Part 2 (An Approach)

March 09, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 7 Episode 12
Machshavah Lab
Nevuchadnetzar's Statue and Haman's Decree: Part 2 (An Approach)
Show Notes

This evening (3/9/22), in lieu of our usual "Chumash Exploration," we continued our Purim topic from last week. After reviewing our facts and questions, I shared my partially-developed-but-still-incomplete approach, which was based on the Abravanel's commentary on Daniel. We ended up developing this into an idea which we felt explained around 90% of the midrash, but didn't QUITE feel complete. The good news is that we emerged with a deeper insight into one of the major themes of Purim, as we had hoped. The other good news is that we have a nice problem to think about in the days leading up to Purim!
מגילה דף יב עמוד א עם פירוש רש"י
רמב"ם - משנה תורה: הקדמה, סיום מנין המצוות
אברבנאל - מעייני הישועה: המעיין השישי תמר ג
דניאל ג:כח
רמב"ם - משנה תורה: ספר זמנים, הלכות תעניות ה:א
אסתר רבה א:יא
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