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The Superiority of Rabbinic Laws Over Torah Laws - Part 3: the Ran's First Counterargument

March 11, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 7 Episode 13
Machshavah Lab
The Superiority of Rabbinic Laws Over Torah Laws - Part 3: the Ran's First Counterargument
Show Notes

This morning (3/11/22), in our "Machshavah Lab" series for women, we continued our quest to answer the question, "How should we relate to Rabbinic laws vs. Torah laws?" Last week we focused on the question: "How can the Ran say that the main reward for Torah is from the Rabbinic laws?" Last week we discussed the Ran's statement that because Klal Yisrael "voluntarily" accepted Rabbinic mitzvos upon themselves, then they deserve greater reward. The Ran anticipates the reader's objection: "Don't we hold that doing a mitzvah you're obligated to do gives you more reward than a mitzvah that you do voluntarily?" He gives three answers, the first of which was the focus of this morning's shiur.

Links to Part 1 and Part 2.
דרשות הר"ן - הדרוש השביעי
Halacha as a Playground of Mindfulness
ספורנו - בראשית א:כו; ויקרא יט:ב
רמב"ם - פירוש המשניות, אבות, שמונה פרקים - פרק ו
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