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How to Make Kinnos Real

August 03, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 9 Episode 26
Machshavah Lab
How to Make Kinnos Real
Show Notes

Synopsis: This is the audio version of the 1-page article I wrote, entitled, How to Make Kinnos Real, which showcases two applications of my continually evolving approach to kinnos.

The Series:
Part 1: The Induction of Metaphysical Trauma
Part 2: The Necessity of Metaphysical Trauma for National Teshuvah
Part 3: An Approach to the Blasphemy in Eichah and Kinnos
Part 4: EFT (Episodic Future Thinking) Training: A Summer 2022 Experiment
Part 5: The Role of Episodic Memory in the Three Weeks and Tishah b'Av
The Torah content for these two weeks has been sponsored by Ariel Rachmanov, a friend and Mishlei talmid of mine. Ariel works for Keller Williams Real Estate and has generously offered to donate to the Rabbi Schneeweiss Torah Content Fund a percentage of any business that comes his way as a result of this sponsorship, resulting in a Mishleic "win, win, win" scenario for all parties involved. Ariel is based in New York but will be happy to help you meet your real estate needs in all 50 states.
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