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Musings on Unrecorded Shiurim

August 05, 2021 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 5 Episode 25
Machshavah Lab
Musings on Unrecorded Shiurim
Show Notes

Today's Torah content was sponsored by someone who wishes to remain anonymous for someone else whom they wish to remain anonymous for an occasion that I'm told should not be mentioned. I would have found some sneaky way to show honor and gratitude to those involved and for the event being commemorated, but I must respect true tznius when I see it.

Synopsis: This is the audio version of the 1-page article I wrote entitled, Musings on Unrecorded Shiurim, in which I share my changing thoughts and feelings about my unrecorded shiurim. And yes, today's thoughts were inspired by a Rumi poem.
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